WooCommerce collapsing categories - pro

Quick start guide

Please make sure to deactivate or uninstall any free or older versions of the plugin before installing the pro version.

WordPress Admin

  1. Ready the zip file of the plugin
  2. Go to Admin > Plugins > Add New
  3. On the upper portion click the Upload link
  4. Using the file upload field, upload the plugin zip file here and activate the plugin

Install via FTP

  1. First unzip the plugin file
  2. Using FTP go to your server's wp-content/plugins directory
  3. Upload the unzipped plugin here
  4. Once finished login into your WP Admin and go to Admin > Plugins
  5. Look for the plugin and activate it.
After successfully installed the plugin, on your admin area you will find a menu WC categories. Under that you will find three child menus, which are as follows:
WC Categories.
Please, go to WC Categories section to add, edit, delete or duplicate list. (To duplicate or clone list you will need to install Duplicate Post WordPress plugin.)  
Click add new button on the top to add a new list or you can click Add new sub menu. Fill the required fields and save the list. You will find ID of the list on the shortcode section.
There are two ways you can insert a list.
1. Insert list using shortcode or PHP code
Once you have created a list on the righthand side you will find section call shortcode where you could find the short code or template tag of the list which you can copy and paste where you want to display the list.
2. Insert list as widget or using shortcode button on post editor
You can insert list on widget enable area. (Please, go to Appearance>Widgets and click on WC Categories.) and then type your list ID and save it.
You can also insert list by clicking on the button on post editor which has the same icon on the menu. Then enter your list ID and click on Okay button to generate the shortcode.
Please, go to configuration under product list to configure advance settings such as disable or enable scripts, delete settings on deactivation etc.