Responsive slideshow WordPress plugin

Version 1.0

Responsive slideshow WordPress plugin is JQuery powered and cycle2 based slideshow. It allows you to create unlimited image and video sliders for your web site. Sliders can be added on anywhere you like as a widget, or using the shortcode easily. 


  • Easy to install and manage.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Unlimited image and video (Youtube and Vimeo) sliders.
  • Supports Touch interaction. (Touch swipe)
  • Smooth transition and easing effects. (Fade, Scroll left, Cover, Blind, Easing out etc.
  • Auto play that can be stopped upon user interaction.
  • Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari etc.
  • Multiple sliders on any page.
  • Compatible with any theme or plugin. 
  • Hyperlink options to each banner/ slide.
  • Ability to adjust slider height depending on current slide.
  • Lightbox functionality for images.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Add a loader (progressbar) to a slideshow.
  • Easy to customize to compatible with your own website’s style and other customization
  • Light weight. (Smaller file size which load faster.)
  • Ability to sort the banners /slides.
  • Add HTML captions to each seperate slide with customizable styling and positioning per slide.
  • Widget enabled.
  • Template tags for use any where you like.


Please make sure to deactivate or uninstall any free or older versions of the plugin before installing the pro version.

WordPress Admin

  1. Ready the zip file of the plugin
  2. Go to Admin > Plugins > Add New
  3. On the upper portion click the Upload link
  4. Using the file upload field, upload the plugin zip file here and activate the plugin

Install via FTP

  1. First unzip the plugin file
  2. Using FTP go to your server's wp-content/plugins directory
  3. Upload the unzipped plugin here
  4. Once finished login into your WP Admin and go to Admin > Plugins
  5. Look for Responsive slideshow pro and activate it.

Please, log into admin area and go to Settings > Slideshow to configure slideshows.



There are two ways you can insert a slideshow.

1. Insert slideshow as widget to page content

Please, go to your admin area. Then go to Appearance > Widgets and drag and drop the Responsive slideshow widget to anywhere you like to display it.

2. Insert slideshow using shortcode or php code.

Short code: [responsive-slideshow id="your slideshow id"]

PHP code: <?php echo do_shortcode('[responsive-slideshow id="your slidshow id"]'); ?>